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A heartfelt thank-you to all our clients!


With the year closing to an end the Yousemble team would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your loyalty and support. Without you, our work and passion for what we do would be insignificant!


Our office will be closed from the 21st of December to 7th of January, we’ll be taking a break. If you need any assistance on your account we urge you to contact us while we are still behind our desks otherwise feel free to send us an email even if you just want to say hi.


As the holiday season starts, may each of you have a safe and blessed December and New Year. If you are taking a break, we hope you get the required mix of relaxation, fun and festivities.


We look forward to the New Year and the exciting developments we have in store for Yousemble.

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One of the many great things about being an online company is that you get to meet loads of interesting people, learn tons of new things from them and have plenty of fun along the way. Recently we’ve had an influx of enquires and signups straight out of the Outback of Australia.


Chatting to a few of our new friends in the ‘Never Never’ we wanted to cater for the .com.au domain.


As of today the .com.au domain extension is available!



It works on a bi-yearly basis meaning it’s registered and renewed every 2 years.


Feel free to contact us if you have any questions around the new domain extension.

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The new http://yousemble.com is up and running. Creating free accounts, ordering domains, upgrades and changing details is even easier now.


Some of our major milestones

  1. To save you time by combining processes and making things easy
  2. Do more with less clicks
  3. Give you additional control over your domains and accounts
  4. Automate billing and invoicing
  5. Automate free account creation
  6. Integrate complete domain search functionality and creation
  7. Universal ID - So you can login to just one place

With loads of input from our tireless beta testers and dedicated team I’m happy to say everything has turned out even better than anticipated!!


Login to your account, search for accounts and domains, directly on http://yousemble.com



Manage your accounts and domains in one place. Login, redirect, link any of your sites directly from the Dashboard.



By now you should have received a shiny new looking Yousemble invoice too.


There are so many new things rather than laying it all out here I’d encourage you to login, take a look and let us know what you think!

26 Sep 2012 Written by Andrew Vink Comments 2

There’s a lot happening over at the Yousemble HQ!


We’ve been working on something BIG while keeping 3 key things in mind:

  1. Speed
  2. Ease of use
  3. The Big Picture

After many hours of work and lots of testing we almost ready to launch the 1st phase of the Yousemble Multisite.


This will be the first step in both ease of use and speed for both you and us, more control over your account(s) while only logging into one place, automated billing and many other exciting things in the pipeline.


Over the next few weeks you’ll see the Blog, Help Center and Yousemble.com transition as we start bringing the Multisite to the frontlines.


We’d love to hear from you so please send us your feedback and thoughts when it goes live!



Special Note:

Thank you so much to Chrystal Johns, Andy Yen, Jacques le Sueur, Emma Donovan, Shawn Cupido, Justin Beswick and Bernelle Verster who volunteered to help us test various stages of the multisite. You were all a tremendous help and we honoured that you came in to help us!

02 Aug 2012 Written by Andrew Vink Comments 1

Another great version of Yousemble is available to all our users!


The highlight of this update is the editor. There have been variety of fixes and some major improvements in general, plus we’ve also included the ability to increase the window height for more complex page layouts.



Below is a list of the things we’ve been engineering and included in this update:

  • Editor - Adjustable height, draggable corner (Thank you - Chrystal Johns)
  • Editor - Width of layouts has been adjusted for a more accurate preview
  • Editor - Paste, headings, link – Fix
  • Editor – Force browser spellcheck – Fix
  • Editor – Show active state on Headings, bold, italic and underline (Thank you – Heather Dittmar & Paulo Rodrigues)
  • Editor – Reposition of layout actions – Pt 1
  • Search - Rework
  • Mail Verification has become virtualized
  • Vimeo - Adjust dimensions, constrain proportions, paste from URL too (Thank you - Richard Hughes)
  • YouTube – Allow Full Screen - Fix (Thank you – Shaun Berry)

Search Extension

The search has undergone a small rework. We’ve stepped up the design, making it clearer and more visible and included options to enable or disable a search icon and button.


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The latest version of Yousemble is available!


What you really want to dive into in this update, is the new Library uploader. Try dragging and dropping files into the dropzone and watch your files queue and upload.



We’ve improved the queuing system too allowing you to see the progress of each file as its being uploaded. Include more files by clicking “Add more files” or dragging and dropping them directly onto the queue.



Below is a list of other things we’ve also engineered and included in this update:

  • Library – New and improved queued uploader, with dropzone
  • Google Maps – Removed legacy API input, no longer required
  • Feeds – Addition of common HTML tags
  • Backend – Foundation of the new lightbox
  • Notification - Email to additional Admin URL changed to /login Fix
  • Sitemap - Base URL flexibility Fix
  • Editor – External /Internal image link conflict Fix (Thank you – Emma Donovan)
  • Facebook – Phase 1 of the uploading your own custom Facebook thumbnail
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If you haven’t spotted it already, look for the new Settings Button (top right) on Pages, Posts and Comments.


04 Jul 2012 Written by Andrew Vink Comments 0


How can people subscribe to my blog?

Can people enter their email address and receive my Blog posts?

What is an RSS Feed?

FeedBurner, is something on fire?


The above questions are all very important when it comes to growing your audience and your Blog. Except maybe for the “on fire” part, nothing is being roasted, and all is possible with Yousemble and the RSS Feed.


Below is a simple definition:

A RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed provides a way for users to subscribe and keep up-to-date with the latest information posted on your site. Having a feed allows “Feedreaders” to access your site or blog, and automatically look for new content and display or distribute the information to the subscriber.


Err… sure, what does that mean??


Simply translated - Yousemble automatically builds a RSS Feed, which is like a “list” of all your Blog posts. The FeedBurner extension will connect to this “list”, and allow users to easily subscribe to your Blog.


FeedBurner is a great tool from Google and will automatically check your RSS Feed or “list” every day for new Posts and send an email to all your subscribers. FeedBurner will also track your subscribers, their email addresses and gather stats too.


To learn how to use your RSS Feed and the FeedBurner Extension, take a look at the tutorial:

How to setup FeedBurner


Above: The FeedBurner Extension.

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The latest and greatest version of Yousemble is now available to all our users!


Probably the best feature in this update is that you can now login to your Dashboard by adding ‘/login’ behind your URL instead of the old legacy ‘/administrator’ eg. http://mydomain.com/login


Below is a list of the things we’ve been busy with and included in this update:

  • Included a ‘Settings’ button in Comments, Pages & Posts
  • Login with ‘/login’ behind your URL
  • Custom Form – Validation Checkboxes Fix, Time Fix, Security Question Fix
  • Custom Form - Data Grid .csv export Fix
  • Include Vimeo within your pages or posts
  • Include Issuu within your pages or posts
  • Performance Increase - Loading of all media (Thank you - TEDxSeaPoint)
  • Extensions – Menu Item selection Pinning Fix
  • Search Extension - Crawls all titles and content
  • Facebook Extension - Like Box Update
  • Twitter Extension - Hashtag Button Fix (Thank you - Keri from Chilli Marketing)
  • Login Token Fix
  • Users has been rewritten for speed and performance
  • Editor - Spell Check
  • Increased login session time to 1 hour

New Extension – Feed Burner

With blogging becoming more popular we’ve build an extension which allows you to connect to Feed Burner - http://feedburner.google.com - one of the most powerful email subscriber management systems for your Blog or RSS Feeds.

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We’ll it’s about time…


Here we have it ladies and gentlemen, friends, family, and all the rest of you amazing people! Welcome to the Yousemble Blog, far overdue but well worth the wait. We’ll be using this blog to inform, educate, keep up to date and showcase as much as possible about Yousemble.


We encourage you to please subscribe, tell a friend or three, and let us know what you think! Check back here from time to time to review the latest updates of the Yousemble Core as well as suprises and more... :)