Update: 02 August 2012

02 Aug 2012 Comments 1

Another great version of Yousemble is available to all our users!


The highlight of this update is the editor. There have been variety of fixes and some major improvements in general, plus we’ve also included the ability to increase the window height for more complex page layouts.



Below is a list of the things we’ve been engineering and included in this update:

  • Editor - Adjustable height, draggable corner (Thank you - Chrystal Johns)
  • Editor - Width of layouts has been adjusted for a more accurate preview
  • Editor - Paste, headings, link – Fix
  • Editor – Force browser spellcheck – Fix
  • Editor – Show active state on Headings, bold, italic and underline (Thank you – Heather Dittmar & Paulo Rodrigues)
  • Editor – Reposition of layout actions – Pt 1
  • Search - Rework
  • Mail Verification has become virtualized
  • Vimeo - Adjust dimensions, constrain proportions, paste from URL too (Thank you - Richard Hughes)
  • YouTube – Allow Full Screen - Fix (Thank you – Shaun Berry)

Search Extension

The search has undergone a small rework. We’ve stepped up the design, making it clearer and more visible and included options to enable or disable a search icon and button.


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